Hackaday’s Open Hardware Summit Experience

Mike Szczys writes about 2017 Open Hardware Summit last week in Denver: Hackaday’s Open Hardware Summit Experience This yearly gathering brings together the people and businesses that hold Open Hardware as an ideal to encourage, grow, and live by. There was a night-before party, the summit itself which is a day full of talks, and this […]

Friday Hack Chat with Jason Kridner

This Friday: Jason Kridner will joining Hackaday’s weekly Hack Chat to talk BeagleBone, PocketBeagle, the BeagleBoard.org community and more! Friday Hack Chat: The Incredible BeagleBoard Topics for this Hack Chat will include the direction BeagleBoard is going, the communities involved with BeagleBoard, and how to get the most out of those precious programmable real-time units. As always, […]

Hackaday Prize Entry: BeagleLogic Standalone

Brian Benchoff writes on Hackaday about the latest project from Kumar Abhishek: Hackaday Prize Entry: BeagleLogic Standalone A few years ago, [Kumar] created the BeagleLogic, a 14-channel, 100 MSPS logic analyzer for the BeagleBone as an entry for the Hackaday Prize. This is a fantastic tool that takes advantage of the PRUs in the BeagleBone to give […]

diy-VT100 meets BeagleBone Black

Kuldeep Singh Dhaka has designed a miniature hardware terminal: diy-VT100 A small VT100 that you can carry in your hands, connect to any hardware that provide serial interface. Here’s a video of the diy-VT100 meeting the BeagleBone Black:

Laser PCBs with LDGraphy

Inderpreet Singh writes on the Hackaday blog about Henner Zeller’s latest project: Laser PCBs with LDGraphy There are many, many ways to get a PCB design onto a board for etching. Even with practice however, the quality of the result varies with the process and equipment used. With QFN parts becoming the norm, the days of […]

Music-Loving BeagleBone Blue

From Inderpreet Singh on Hackaday: Music-Loving BeagleBone Robotic control can get very complicated when multiple actuators need to work in coordination with each other. A simple robotic arm will require each joint to be controlled in sequence to attain a particular position. The BeagleBone Blue comes armed with motor drivers, sensor inputs, and wireless and is built […]

PocketBone designed in KiCad

The PocketBone is an Open Source Hardware design by Michael Welling in KiCad for the Octavo OSD3358 SiP (System-in-Package).  Brian Benchoff wrote about it recently on Hackaday: Hackaday: “An Even Smaller BeagleBone” The BeagleBone famously fits in an Altoids tin. Even though we now have BeagleBone Blacks, Blues, and Greens, the form factor for this curiously strong Linux […]

Beagle Entertainment System Cartridge Console

Fresh off his PhD dissertation, Andrew Henderson decided turn his Beagle Entertainment System (BES) into a tiny SNES cartridge console! Beagle Entertainment System Cartridge Console The Beagle Entertainment System (BES) is a suite of emulators with a GUI front-end that makes retrogaming on the BeagleBone Black simple and straightforward. It provides two SNES controller ports that use a […]

Hackaday: Wireless BeagleBones On A Chip

New Part Day: Wireless BeagleBones On A Chip The BeagleBone is a very popular single board computer, best applied to real-time applications where you need to blink LEDs really, really fast. Over the years, the BeagleBone has been used for stand-alone CNC controllers, the brains behind very large LED installations, and on rare occasions has […]