Inspiring Students in Slovenia: BeagleBone® Blue Based Micromouse

Maze solving robots are one of the most engaging ways to expose teens to engineering, electronics and coding.  At the University of Ljubljana, the oldest and largest university in Slovenia, high school students are doing exciting work with robotic “mice” based on BeagleBone® Blue. We met up at Embedded World 2019 with Rok Vrabic, researcher and lecturer of Mechatronics […]

Berkeley Students Mentor High School Robotics using BeagleBone® Black

Pioneers in Engineering at UC Berkeley is a student outreach organization passionate that no student should be denied a quality STEM education experience. The university student members promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education through an exciting, mentorship-based robotics competition process. Since 2008, over 700 high school students have been mentored in over 30 […]

Using BeagleBone Blue to build an Autopilot Robot (part 1) – Circuit Cellar article

Hi folks! My name is Pedro Bertoleti and I’m a software engineer from Brazil. The October issue of Circuit Cellar’s magazine came out yesterday (9/18/2018), and I’ve written one of the articles of this issue (Title: “Building an Autopilot Robot (part 1)”, page 16). This article shows the groundwork for reliable  speed estimation based in […]

Educator Highlight: Steven F. Barrett, Author, Embedded Systems Educator and Beagle Lover

Steven F. Barrett, professor of ECE and Associate Dean for Academic Programs at the University of Wyoming has been writing educational journal articles and textbooks for use in microcontroller and embedded systems courses for over 13 years.  A prolific and inspired writer, Dr Barrett has written 12 books using many different microcontroller architectures including AVR, HC12/S12, and […]

Educator Highlight: Mark Yoder, Trailblazer in Teaching Embedded Linux

It came naturally to Dr Yoder to want to bring the new concept of Open Source Embedded Linux Computing to his students using the BeagleBoard®

It came naturally to Dr Yoder to want to bring the new concept of Open Source Embedded Linux Computing to his students using the BeagleBoard®

BeagleMAV 3D-printed Hexacopter

From the DroneLab at the University of California in San Diego: BeagleMAV BeagleMAV is a 3D-printed hexacopter that derives its extremely low weight of 500 grams (1.1 pounds) from its unique monocoque structure that was designed iteratively with modal finite element analysis. The monocoque frame design emphasizes simplicity of assembly and safety of indoor flight. With […]

BeagleBone Blue at Embedded World (part 2)

BeagleBone Blue video featuring Jason Kridner that was played in our booth at Embedded World: All About Circuits writes about the Blue: BeagleBone Blue for Robotics Applications The BeagleBone Blue is now available. You can learn more about this open source robotics computer and its BeagleBone predecessors here. Video by Shabaz Yousaf of BeagleBone Blue […]

BeagleBone Blue at Embedded World video of the new BeagleBone Blue with Jason Kridner in our Foundation booth at Embedded World: [youtube] Find out more about the new BeagleBone Blue: Meet BeagleBone® Blue. Robots. Fast.

Using the roboRIO with the BeagleBone

Alek Mabry made this tutorial for using the BeagleBone with the roboRIO for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC): Using the roboRIO with the BeagleBone Supplies Connecting the roboRIO to the BeagleBone Connecting to your BeagleBone UDP on the roboRIO (Java) UDP on the BeagleBone (Python) Be sure to also check out Alek’s previous robotics project: Building a […]

BuddyBot: First robot programmed in Swift

Jon Hoffman created a Swift library for interacting with the GPIO, PWM and Analog pins on the BeagleBone Black: Jon used SwiftyBones to develop BuddyBot, the first robot programmed in the Swift: Learn more about Swift in in Jon’s book: Mastering Swift 3 – Linux Learn to build fast and robust applications on the Linux Platform with Swift