Blinking a LED with Rust

Rust is a systems programming language that is quickly growing in popularity.  Christopher Woodall chose Rust to develop a drink making robot powered by BeagleBone Green Wireless: Rusty Nail Christopher has written development notes about using Rust on BeagleBone: Setting up a BeagleBone with Rust We will use rustup which is a rust toolchain installer similar to rvm or […]

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: BeagleBot

By Natalie Nelms It’s amazing what you can create when you pair a few spare parts lying around and an inventive imagination. In this instance, these ingredients gave birth to BeagleBot – a small test robot for localization algorithms! “After seeing demos of SLAM at home brew robotics society meetings, along with people using Kinects […]

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: BeagleROV

By Natalie Nelms You don’t have to be a child to play with remote-controlled cars. The BeagleROV is an exciting toy that would bring any adult Maker back to the good ole’ days – except this robot packs a bit more punch than the classic Nascar minis. Powered by the TI Sitara AM335x processor-based BeagleBone […]

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: Squink

By Natalie Nelms Standing in line for coffee, a commercial break, boiling water – all things that only take a matter of minutes. What if building circuit boards were that easy and time efficient? At New York startup company BotFactory, devices print and assemble electronic circuit boards from your desktop in a matter of minutes. […]

BeagleBoard-xM project spotlight: Fish on Wheels

By Tara Stratton Don’t drink and drive, unless you are the driver of today’s featured Beagle project. That is, unless you are… a fish! Goldfish can now explore the world beyond the limits of the tank with Fish on Wheels, a robotic car from Studio diip, a design shop in the Netherlands. Fish on Wheels […]

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: The Lasersaur

By Tara Stratton Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hachenberger, co-founders of NORDT Labs, have many secret talents. Addie can bake some mean chocolate chip cookies at 15,000+ feet in high winds on a mountain, and she can open a beer bottle with just about anything (like a lighter) thanks to Becky Stern. Stefan, on the other […]

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: OpenROV

By Tara Stratton Whether you want to explore the seas for science and education, “snorkel” for fish and coral without getting wet, or hunt for buried treasure in unexplored seas, OpenROV is something you need to check out! David Lang and Eric Stackpole created OpenROV—an underwater robot that can be controlled with a laptop—in a […]

BeagleBone Black project spotlight: BBot robot

By Tara Stratton What’s your perfect vacation? Mine involves sitting out by the pool under the sun as people deliver me ice-cold drinks. Andy Gikling seems to have a similar dream, and he figured out a way to live the good life every weekend—by developing the BBot robot! The BBot is an open source, remote-controlled […]