OreSat Uses PocketBeagle® to Provide STEM Motivation With Giant “Selfie-Stick” from Space

When the Portland State Aerospace Society started in 1999, the members likely never imagined their open source amateur rocket avionics systems would someday actually make it to space. Twenty years later, thanks to NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative, or CSLI, they are now building Oregon’s first satellite as a completely open source hardware and software project. […]

BeagleBone® Helps Preserve The History of Apollo’s “Hidden Figures”

Navigating to the moon and landing on its surface during the NASA Apollo missions 50 years ago took some fascinating engineering within the spacecraft.  The Apollo Guidance Computer or AGC was key to guiding the craft and to the success of the mission. Ken Shirriff and friends Mike Stewart, Marc Verdiell, and Carl Claunch have been restoring an AGC […]

NASA, T STAR and TAMU Students Drive Space Experimentation Using BeagleBone® Black

Space researchers on Earth now have a powerful new way to remotely conduct experiments. Texas A&M University engineering students have been working with NASA Engineers, JSC Scientists and T STAR, a space commercialization company to successfully deploy an experiment station to the International Space Station. The first of its kind, “Hermes”, is a Class-1E experiment […]

BeagleBoard-xM project spotlight: USS Langley Space Server

By Tara Stratton You’’ve heard of monkeys and apes being sent to space, but did you know a Beagle is also being launched into the ether? In 2014, Sam Sipe and his team at the U.S. Naval Academy are launching a BeagleBoard-xM into space as part of their Unix space server. Sam Sipe got the […]