LugRadio Live UK 2008

Lugradio live 2008
Originally uploaded by koenkooi

The community last weekend (July 19/20) showcased the latest beagle developments and capabilities at the LugRadio Live 08 Event in the UK. Koen Kooi (Open Embedded) and Måns Rullgård (FFmpeg) teamed up to deliver some stunning NEON accelerated High Definition video demonstrations and the latest ARM Cortex-A8 OE built Angstrom Distribution. Other demos included High Definition 3D graphics acceleration leveraging Beagle’s Imagination SGX core and some C64x+ DSP accelerated audio and video codecs. Lots of great interest at the show in the capabilities of a such a ‘small but powerful platform’, especially when enabled by such a creative and dynamic community.

Koen also provided a handful of nice pictures from the event.

Edit (2008-07-29)–Linux Outlaws did an interview: