Beagle Clinic India : August Event – an update

Beagle Clinic India was held at Texas Instruments campus on 29th Aug 2009. More details about participants and the technology discussed please click the link below,
Few action items that were taken during the meet with probable solutions are given below :
– USB HOST hangs when multiple devices are connected – OE kernel
need to post this query to linux-omap-vger kernel mailing list and get the support
– SGX training online – NON angstrom distribution
Girish is helping on generating this training content should be available by early next week.
– LCD board for Beagle
No support yet.
– Operating frequency for 600Mhz
This is possible with PM brach, echo 5 > /sys/power/vdd1_lock
– Arrange one hands on Gstreamer and SGX sessions
In next beagle clinic we can take up one of these.
– A wiki page for QT to get it working on beagleboard
Need to find a voluteer for this.
I have taken other inputs on cleaning up the, sorry due to multiple things was not able to do this, it should be done by end of next week.
Other topics discussed were
Leopard: to support mmc boot support in u-boot, will have to check this out.
Devkit (with answers) :
– USB Host not working : will be resolved by embest in next two months.
– Audio and board hang : embest will test can get back
– WinCE images not working: Give more details to embest
– Support : embest is considering supporting the team on beagle mailing list
– Camera module: Not available for customers
I will be in Pune for trainings on OMAP L , DM355 leopard and beagleboard on Sept 24th and Sept 25th, I am not sure if I can co-ordinate the beagle clinic this month also we long weekend holidays coming up next month, please suggest an alternat date for the same.
Next event :
– Hands on training with SGX modules
– Show case OMAP L 138 platform (ia)
– Get some one on call to discuss USB issues.
– If possible get gstreamer hands on training.
Kindly note this event is mainly meant to fix and solve issues we are facing with beagleboard, leopard board and other community platforms.

Thanks to attendees, lets keep this going to make things easier with beagle board.