BeagleBoard on The Amp Hour and at ESC Boston

This week, I went on the Amp Hour with Chris, Dave and Jeff.  We spoke about a lot of things BeagleBoard related, including the upcoming next revision of the BeagleBoard.

Also, I wanted to remind everyone that there will be new hands-on training at ESC Boston this month and full-conference attendees will get a free BeagleBoard-xM, TinCanTools Beacon Board and TI MSP430 Chronos watch.

Lastly, I’m still on the look-out for a new primary host for the BeagleCast podcast.  I will be recording another episode next week with Khasim Syed Mohammed regarding the Android Rowboat project (hopefully), but I’m looking for someone who can volunteer to organize and record/publish the shows on a regular basis.  The audio recording must be of higher quality than we’ve done in the past.