Google Summer of Code 2016 Foundation has 7 students participating in Google Summer of Code 2016:

Exposing the PRU as an I2C and SPI master Controller

Gain extra serial interfaces without wasting valuable CPU cycles in bitabanging.

  • Student: Vaibhav Choudhary
  • Mentors: Andrew Bradford, Matt Porter
  • Source Code
  • Wiki

SPI slave driver implementation

Help the BeagleBone community to write applications based on SPI much more easily

  • Student: Patryk Mężydło
  • Mentors: Michael Welling, Andrew Bradford, Matt Porter
  • Source Code
  • Wiki
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Utilize the two PRUs [..] and their low latency architecture to get a fast, generic, parallel analog converter interface

Porting soundcard drivers to BeagleBoard-X15

port the soundcard drivers to the BeagleBoard-X15 and create an user-space library to make use of DSPs

API support for Beaglebone Blue

Create easy-to-use APIs for the hardware on the BeagleBone Blue

  • Student: Kiran Kumar Lekkala
  • Mentors: Alex Hiam, Micheal Welling, Kumar Abhishek, Deepak Karki
  • Code: bb_blue_api
  • Wiki
  • Blog

Improving Bone101 Experience

Be friendly to novice developers, allowing them to [..] write Python code beside Javascript

  • Student: Amr Ragaey
  • Mentors: Jason Kridner, Alex Hiam
  • Code: bone101

Sonic Anemometer

Create a sonic anemometer for small, inexpensive weather stations

  • Student: Visaoni
  • Mentors: nerdboy, Alex Hiam, Hunyue Yau