BeagleBone Black Wireless winners from Maker Faire NY giveaway

Congratulations to the winners of the BeagleBone Black Wireless Maker Faire New York Giveaway!
Boards are entering production now and should ship in November. Winners should expect to be contacted
separately for their shipping address.

  1. Carsten Sewing
  2. Sam Brenner
  3. David Ryskalczyk
  4. Alice Lai
  5. Jenny Lin
  6. Laura Schroeder
  7. William Crean
  8. Dean Notarnicola
  9. Dave Crawford
  10. Jim Carlson
  11. Steve Nordhauser
  12. Betty L Rostkawski
  13. Yosef Maldonado
  14. William Porto
  15. Andrew Bregman
  16. Benjamin Spiegel
  17. NYU Robotis Design Team
  18. Cj Ocasio
  19. Kristi Fok
  20. Robert Demkowicz
  21. Kayla Cimkanski
  22. Jonathan Struebel
  23. Justin Kim
  24. Kari Waye
  25. Martin Elting
  26. David Bahar
  27. Triona Crilly
  28. Andrew Ritchie
  29. Marie Downes
  30. Brittany Wlaker

For those that didn’t win, you still have an opportunity to get a board at
launch by placing a pre-order now at
To get future updates, sign up at