BeagleBone Laundry Notification Texter

This project on Digi-Key aims to make domestic life a bit easier:

How to Make a BeagleBone-Based Appliance Notification Texter

Once a washer or dryer cycle has started, users have to wait up to an hour for them to finish their cycles. Too often, they forget to check in on the appliances so wet clothes sit clumped for hours, while dry clothes sit to wrinkle, leading to user frustration.


While this project will show you how to set up the BeagleBone Green or BeagleBone Black to send an alert text to any cellphone when the wash or dry cycles are completed to eliminate this frustration, what you learn can be applied to any motion-sensing project.


This is a real-world problem/solution scenario that is solved using the Internet of Things (IoT), an accelerometer, the BeagleBone, some extraneous hardware and some light programming. By following along with the process, you will get familiar with the workings of the BeagleBone (Green or Black) and in doing so it may fire your imagination for other applications.


In the meantime, you might want to make this for yourself, your significant other, or a friend.