Using the U-Boot Extension Board Manager – BeagleBone Boards Example


This article follows two earlier blog posts about Device Tree overlays: Using Device Tree Overlays, example on BeagleBone boards Device Tree: Supporting Similar Boards – The BeagleBone Example Introduction As explained in the first two blog posts, the BeagleBone boards are supported by a wide number of extension boards, called capes. When such a cape […]

Using Device Tree Overlays, example on BeagleBone Cape add-on boards

u-boot BeagleBone Relay Cape

The concept of Device Tree overlays The Device Tree language is a way to describe hardware that is present in a system and cannot be automatically detected. That’s the case of devices directly implemented on a System on a Chip, such as serial ports, Ethernet or Nand flash controllers. That’s also the case of devices […]

Improving usage of device trees


Using device trees is one of the most complicated and important, and sometimes risky, elements of using a Beagle to make use of add-on hardware. With the addition of the AM5729-based BeagleBone AI to the family of boards sporting BeagleBone headers, the complications have increased, requiring additional considerations with dependencies on different processor pins connected […]